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H up to 1200mm - view all

  • Jemini 18 Beech 720mm Desk Bookcase KF78964
  • Jemini 18 Oak 720mm Desk Bookcase KF78965
  • Jemini 18 Beech 1236mm Open Bookcase KF78966
  • Jemini 18 Oak 1236mm Open Bookcase KF78967
  • First 730mm Bookcase 1 Shelf Beech KF839198

H over 1200mm - view all

  • Jemini 18 Beech 1620mm Open Bookcase KF79017
  • Jemini 18 Oak 1620mm Open Bookcase KF79018
  • Jemini 18 Beech 2004mm Open Bookcase KF79019
  • Jemini 18 Oak 2004mm Open Bookcase KF79020
  • First 1800mm Bookcase 4 Shelf Beech KF839199

Fitments - view all

  • Jemini Beech 1600mm Trapeze Table KF79034
  • Jemini Oak 1600mm Trapeze Table KF79035
  • Jemini Trapezoidal Table W1600 Wht KF79036
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