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Sanitary DispensersUp one level

Toilet Rolls - view all

  • 2Work Micro Twin Toilet Roll Dispenser White 2W06438
  • 2Work Micro Twin Toilet Roll 2-Ply White 125m (Pack of 24) 2W06439
  • 2Work Recycled Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser Black 2W11361
  • 2Work Recycled Centrefeed Dispenser Black 2W11362
  • 2Work Twin Toilet Roll Dispenser White CPD43612

Sheet - view all

  • Aquarius Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue Dispenser White 6946

Towel - view all

  • 2Work Foam Soap Dispenser 900ml Reservoir White 2W01102
  • 2Work Recycled Hand Towel Dispenser Black 2W11360
  • Cheeky Panda V Fold Flushable Bamboo Hand Towel 3200 Sheets VHANDTW20
  • Cheeky Panda Z Fold Flushable Bamboo Hand Towel 3000 Sheets ZHANDTW15
  • 2Work Lockable Centrefeed Hand Towel Dispenser White CT34038

Soap - view all

  • 2Work Touch Free Soap Dispenser White 2W07707
  • 2Work Soap Dispenser Cartridge Fill 1 Litre White 2W08665
  • 2Work Recyclable Refillable Dispenser Foam 900ml Black 2W11359
  • 2Work Recycled Liquid Refillable Dispenser 900ml Black 2W11363
  • 2Work Bulk Fill Hand Soap Dispenser White CPD04903

Fragrance - view all

  • Aquarius Air Care Dispenser (Use with Air Care System Fragrance Refills) 6994
  • Tork Air Freshener Spray Dispenser A1 White 562000
  • Vectair Systems V-Air Solid MVP Passive Air Freshener Dispenser Black (Pack of 6) VAIR-MVPB
  • Vectair Systems V-Air Passive Air Freshener Dispenser White VAIR-MVPW

Air Freshener - view all

  • Neutradol Gel Power Orb Original 140g (Pack of 12) 1008062
  • Insette Air Freshener Aerosol Wild Berry 330ml (Pack of 2) 1008233
  • Glade Pacific Breeze Air Freshener 500ml 314222
  • Glade Clean Linen Air Freshener 500ml 314281
  • Glade Shake n' Vac Magnolia and Vanilla 500g 683254

Feminine Hygiene - view all

  • Washroom Sanitary Bin 19 Litre 356972
  • Organic Digital Tampons Super Pack 16 (Pack of 12) 9662
  • Organic Applicator Tampons Regular Pack 20 (Pack of 12) 9660
  • Organic Applicator Tampons Super Pack 20 (Pack of 12) 9659
  • Washable Period Pad Size 1 FT0802

Other Rolls - view all

  • Wypall Centrefeed Wiper Roll Dispenser 7017
  • Wypall L20 Wiper Centrefeed Roll White (Pack of 6) 7303
  • Aquarius Hand Towel Dispenser Black 7171
  • Wypall Reach Plus Wiping Paper Centrefeed Dispenser 6521
  • Tork Reflex Portable Dispenser and Roll Starter Pack 473188

Unspecified - view all

  • Deb Stoko Sun Protect 30 PURE Dispenser 1 Litre SUN1LDSEN
  • Deb Stokolan Light PURE Dispenser 1 Litre RES1LDSEN
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